mire se vini dardania

We named our institution of university education with the name "Dardania" for many reasons.

First, because we want to show and preserve with piety the continuity of ethnic Dardan territories of today's Kosovo.

Second, because each letter of the name "Dardania" marks the beginning of the objectives of education and scientific mission what we want to provide to our students and academic and administrative-technical staff.

Read the letter to letter the name "Dardania" and get familiar with the educational and scientific goals and mission of our institution: D- dritë (light), A- arsimimi (education), R- reformë (reform), D- dije (knowledge), A- ardhmëri të ndritshme (bright future), N- novatorizëm (innovation), I – intelegjencë (innovation).

"Dardania" College in today's organizational structure of study and research work has the following academic programs and departments:

Faculty: Ekonomy

Program:á Business Administration; Banks, Finances and Accounting

Faculty: Law
Program: General

Faculty: Political Sciences and Public Administration

Program: Public Administration

Faculty: Psychology
Program: Applied Psychology and Managerial Studies

Faculty: Foreign Languages
Program: English Language and American Studies

Program: Economy and Tourism;
Program: Agrobusiness;

“Dardania” College achieves to realize its mission and objectives through:

"Dardania" College is willing to deal and cope with possible challenges of the new century such as integration and globalization of higher education, to assist the development of state and society integration in regional and European trends.

We are and we are going to remain the leading institution for higher education in Kosovo and the region and we will continue to work with a focus on meeting the objectives of our mission to set and wish to welcome all those who love knowledge, training and quality preparing for career and research work.

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